Adirondack Paddling Symposium



The Adirondack Paddling Symposium will cap at 60 participants, so please be sure to register early. Registration fee for the Adirondack Paddling Symposium is $300.00 per person. "Tour Monday” is an additional $75.00 and can be registered early or at the event.

This includes:

You Provide

Tour Monday

We encourage you to join us Monday and put your new skills to the test on “Tour Monday.”  Tour Monday” is an additional $75.00 and can be registered early or at the event. “Tour Monday” options will be announced at the Saturday “Evening Presentations.” This gives us time to factor participation as well as conditions like weather, wind and of course the pesky Black Flies. (Participants in Tour Monday must be a student of the Symposium.)


Although we encourage students to learn in their own boat or board, as there is an intimate relationship between craft and paddler that does enhance the ability to learn. We also realize some folks may want to a use higher performance craft or may not have made their purchase yet. For those that do not have an appropriate craft of your own, or are looking to potentially upgrade, please reach out to one of our Symposium Sponsors to inquire about rental availability and rates. Adirondack Lakes and Trails Outfitters, Mac's Canoe Livery, St Regis Canoe Outfitters, Raquette River Outfitters, High Peaks Cyclery.

Minimal Waste Event

Adirondack Paddling Symposium is a Minimal Waist event. Like you, we too are lovers and protectors of the outdoor world.  So with that, along with looking for ways to reduce as much garbage as we can, by composting and recycling, we will not be using any plastic bottles, cups or utensils.  So we ask that you please:

Together we can make a small difference at this event, but continue to foster this kind of thinking as a group, for the days to come.

Cancellation Policy

We certainly hope that you will be able to join us, but we understand that circumstances arise.  We just also ask that you understand the cancellation policy.  As we are planning for coaches to come from many areas of the country and we need to plan for meals, knowing our attendance is vital for us to put on a great event. Cancellation before May 20th: full refund.  Cancellation May 20th or later: no refund will be available. (Although this is and will remain our published policy, during the situation presented by CV19 we will be working our guests to assure 100% satisfaction if we need to cancel due to NY State law.)