Adirondack Paddling Symposium

Boats, Boards and Gear

We encourage you to bring your own boat/board, so you can learn in what you own and leave with a more intimate relationship with your craft. We do have some guidelines on boats/boards.

Beginner Track Kayak: For those interested in taking classes in this track, our minimum length is 12 feet. If using a recreational kayak without a front bulkhead, you must have a floation bag for the bow. Although we want you to enjoy your own kayak, rescues in a kayak without a front bulkhead is time consuming for you and very challenging for your instructors and peers. Considering the rental option could help you get the most out of the symposium, while giving you solid skills to bring home to your kayak.

Intermediate + Advanced Track Kayak: For those interested in taking classes in this track, we require light touring to touring style boats no shorter than 13 feet. These must have bow and stern deck lines and either bow and stern bulkheads or secured air bags.

Canoe Track: No limitations for Canoes.

Pack Boat Track: No limitations for Pack Boats. We strongly encourage owners of ultra-light models to consider borrowing or renting a more robust model, if planning on taking the “Capsizes and Rescues” course. Demo boats may be available through the Vendor Village, but cannot be guaranteed.

SUP Track: For the ability to keep pace with the class, all SUP boards must be 10’6” or longer. You must bring a SUP leash that is at leash 10' long.

Gear: If you are using your own boat or board in classes, you need to also bring:

Other items you may want to consider.

Paddle Clothing – Welcome to the Adirondacks! Air and water temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit so being prepared is in the best interest of you getting the most out of your classes. Average air temperatures range from 50-70 for June in Saranac Lake. Average water temperature for the Adirondacks in June is 60-65.

This means, when wet and the sun goes behind the clouds, it can be chilly sitting in your boat. For classes that will have you immersed, again you can find yourself getting pretty chilly pretty fast.

Dressing for paddling is a fun conversation to have, as there a lot of opinions that have merit. If you have questions on what is the best course of action for you, give us a call to speak to our Head Instructor for more advice: (518) 524-4117. Registered participants of the Symposium receive a 15% discount off all paddle clothing.